Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fun Little Nuggets

Good evening, readers. We hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween weekend (5 days of spooky fun!). There has beens some great costumes out there, and tonight the best of the best will be in action.

A few quickies to make reading gongshow@bc the highlight of your day:

  • Gongshow@BC's Favorite - This kid is the most popular child on the internet right now. If you haven't seen this yet, get your head out from under your Mod and get connected. Even if you have seen this video clip, you know you want to watch it again. And again. And again. And again. Click Here to watch. Best internet video since "Call On Me".
  • Has Beens start off the season on the right skate with a blue-collar victory over Chevy 1st, a strong team of froshies who still had their high school legs under them. The Has Beens, most of whom had not hit the ice since last year's championship, slowly got their hands back and scored 4 third-period goals to seal the deal. See complete game recap here. This season-opener, which was a true test for the HB's, showed that IM hockey has become much more than just a Beer League.
  • On the Facebook front: The Halloween season brings lots of new Facebook pictures, plus some awesome Webshots updates. The average BC student will be logging approximately 2 hours per night this week, perusing Facebook and Webshots, and reflecting on how glorious the Halloween celebrations were. Checking out Webshots, however, can be a dangerous task. Most Webshots users, especially girls, have the IMchaos link in their profile, so they know how many times you look at their Webshots. Sophomore Puck Power Danny Bertram found this one out the hard way.

TOMORROW: Complete Halloween Recap. Send us your Halloween Pictures @ Be Safe Tonight: Be Careful crossing the road, travel in groups, have your Mom check your candy before you eat it, and carry a flashlight.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Has Beens Season Preview

Sunday marks the official start of the Has Beens Hockey Club second season of excellence. Read on for a brief history of this esteemed institution.
In September of '04, two of Boston College's most prolific scholar-athletes were getting diesel at the Plex. As we, Mike and Joe, alternated sets on the bench (throwing up 300lbs and grunting like the women's rugby team), ideas started to fly about how we could create a movement which would include several of the most important aspects of our lives: hockey, parties, and muscular young guys. Joe was on a one-year hiatus from his position of netminder for the BC Eagles, and Mike was a recent retiree, hailing from the prep school Powerhouse of Puck- Thayer Academy. Although he had decided to come to Boston College and give up the dream, Mike's desire to hang out with his wang out in a locker room with a bunch of other fellas was too great to ignore, and he needed to get back on the ice. Joe needed to stay active and keep his hockey senses sharp. And thus, the Has Beens were born.
The idea started modestly- an intramural hockey team of recent retirees who had played good schoolboy hockey. A motley collection of former prep school poster-boys and other past-their-primers came together, and we all realized what kind of potential our franchise had. Not only did we have a bunch of good players, but we also had some of the best dudes on campus. What started as simply a recreational puck squad was becoming a social institution and the kind of brotherhood that you can't find outside of the rink. Within weeks, the Has Beens had thrown the first of many legendary Has Beens bashes- shindigs where beverages and beautiful vixens were aplenty, and the dancefloor debauchery was straight out of CSI: Lansdowne.
The inaugural season of the Has Beens Hockey Club was certainly a success. The team cruised to an IM Championship, playing with class and displaying a skill level and toughness not often seen in a recreational beer league. The rest of the league responded to this upping-of-the-ante, and the quality of play and commitment to the league increased noticeably. There were highlight reel snipes, open-ice burials by Has Beens goons Kev Gill and Ryno Reynoso, memorable goal celebrations, and even some quality fisticuffs with our most heated rivals. But what the boys really took away from the first season was the enjoyment of being on a hockey team, something that several of them had not anticipated to feel ever again. The locker room banter, the post-game outings, and the unmatchable camaraderie of a close-knit hockey team- this is what the Has Beens are all about.

Introducing the 2005-2006 Boston College Has Beens Hockey Club:
  • Andrew Baird--> rugged d-man out of Milton Academy; can QB the PP with ease and knows more about alcoholic drinks/clubs/bars/college/everything than anyone.
  • Ben Bolduc (rookie)--> Froshy from Lawrence Academy; rangy power forward who will bring some bang to the Has Beens front line.
  • John Chandler--> came in mid-season last year from Rollins College; part of the Has Beens arsenal of big bangers who snipe on command; a Double Eagle who fought heroically for BC High.
  • Kyle Concannon--> one of the few out-of-staters on the HB's; is a great asset to the team and can play anywhere and let's his snipes do the talking.
  • Peter Frates--> a Birdballer from St. John's Prep who often gets confused for Ray Bourque; Fr8-Train is a kid who has really bought into the Has Beens system and plays/parties like a rock star.
  • Kevin Gill--> maybe the most reliable role-player in the B.C.I.M.N.H.L., Kev knows when the time is right to crush a mofo or just dangle on a poor soul for the game-winner. Can sometimes be found in the penalty box, being a bash brother.
  • Mike Greeley (C)--> A true Has Been d-man out of Thayer Academy, this soldier embodies all that is Has Beens Hockey Club. A co-founder of the program.
  • Phil Holden--> one/half of the ferocious twinasaurus rex that dominated Mass. public high school hockey and now snipes blindfolded for the Has Beens. Also a BC golfer.
  • Tim Holden--> white kid out of Westwood, Mass who is the ying to Phil's yang. You can spot these two easily because they are in green gear and they just toe-dragged your ass.
  • Bobby Kneeland (C)--> Winthrop High / Philips Exeter wonderchild who scored the last minute game-winner in last year's championship. Look up sick athlete in the encyclopedia, and you will see a picture of Bobby Bones.
  • Nick Knellinger--> aka Smelly Nelly, this Colorado native played his puck at Brewster Academy and can wheel and deal with the best of 'em. Great attitude and great mop of blond hair to boot.
  • Marek(C)--> studying abroad right now somewhere, but Marek is one of the best-looking dudes on the team and is a true leader. Huge asset coming back 2nd semester.
  • Jeff Marr--> aka Marrzilla- Jeff is a Dan Bertram twin on and off the ice. A former Milton Academy Mustang, Jeff can dangle and has a great smile.
  • Matt McElaney (rookie)--> aka Mack- this is a freshly-minted Has Been out of St. Seb's. Will be a huge addition to the team and has already proven himself as a true gongshow.
  • Paul Monaco (rookie)--> a senior recruit from Burlington, MA... Paul brings a great attitude to the table and is also ready to host some historical Has Beens ho-downs in Iggy A15. We are very excited to see what he is gonna bring to the team athletically.
  • Conor O'Brien--> aka Wrabs- a solid d-man who protects the net but is also ready to unleash some bomb-zillas from the point. A very loveable character.
  • Ryne Reynoso--> Ryno! another Birdballer, out of Idaho. No, u da ho. Spends a lot of time on the bench coaching, but once in a blue moon suits up for a big game. Killer wrister/ best-looking kid in the league and maybe the school.
  • Mike Skryz--> Probably the nicest kid on campus. Skryz can dangle, Skryz can snipe, and by gosh can Skryz slay dragons. HUGE part of this program. Another BC High boy.
  • Nick Tarnoff--> aka Noff- You know who he is. Sophomore netminder, Heights photographer, Reservoir serial flasher, freshman girl quality control consultant. Noff, Noff, NOFF NOFF NOFF!


  • Joe Pearce (Head Coach)- A true student of the game, Pearcey rules with an iron fist on the Has Beens bench. A role model for everyone. Noff's Godfather.
  • Kelly Donahue (Team Chaplain/ Asst. Coach)- Fr. Kelly is the best pre-game speech maker around and keeps things real on the bench. Looks dapper in his game-day suit.
  • Matt Fumoso- (Asst. Coach) - aka Moose; This guy has shown dedication beyond compare to our program. He is always gellin like a felon and knows the game well.
  • Adam Reasoner- (Goalie Coach)- This newcomer has perhaps the toughest job in the league- teaching Noff how to play hockey. A Freshman BC goaltender, Adam is the second coming of Coach Pearce and could be the great JP's succesor at the helm of the HB's.

That's the squad for this year. We have some verbal commitments from a few prospects who could get added to the roster in the next week or so.

HAS BEENS OPENING NIGHT (on-ice): Sunday, October 30 @ 7. Conte Forum. Has Beens v. CHEVY 1st. Be There.

HAS BEENS WEBSITE!!!!!--> The Has Beens have really gone global. Surf on over to and enjoy Has Beens party photos, player bio's, Has Beens Girl of the Week, Rink Rat Chat, Has Beens Glossary, and check up on all your Has Beens news.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Homecoming Recap // Snippets

Homecoming Dance (Hurricane Katrina Hits Bayside High): BC's annual Homecoming Dance, which has bounced around a few different locations in the past years, was hosted this year in the Mods Parking Lot (where even the cars are drunk!!!). Rumors were flying about Breathalyzer tests being administered at the entrance, but this did not faze the hard-partying coeds of Boston College. As is tradition, the dancers arrived in rosy-cheeks and glassy-eyes and wearing their best dancing shoes. What started out as wholesome formal fun quickly tailspinned into a rain-soaked, puddle-splashing PeeFest. Read on for eyewitness reports.
"The Port-a-Potties were located against the plex, so you had to walk out from under the tent and through the rain to urinate. Kids were standing behind the food tables, pissing under them. It was complete chaos, and I was worried for my personal safety. Plus, I couldn't even French Kiss my girlfriend because the dancefloor was so packed!!" -Pistol Pete Frates, Has Beens d-man / Birdball #3 /A&S '07.

Rumor has it that the dancefloor was soon flooded and rioting dancers began to loot Lower Dining Hall of chicken-parm subs. It's too bad that we have been banned from so many hotels because BC students can't control their urge to urinate. We are now on-campus, outdoors, under tents in a parking lot, because hotel managers supposedly don't like it when you pee in their elevators. This is an epidemic which is slowly threatening the Boston College social scene. Here is an excerpt of an article following a debacle of a past Homecoming dance-

At midnight, the hotel asked the Office of the Dean for Student Development (ODSD) officials to end the dance.
"We asked if the dance could continue as close to 1 a.m. as possible," Covelle said. "But students were vomiting, breaking stuff, urinating in the ballroom, in stairwells and in other conference rooms. They were also passed out throughout the hotel."

Sounds like a real gonger to us!!!! However, because of this bad behavior, we are now dancing to a whole new tune. A real crappy one, if you ask us. We went from hardwood dancefloors to white-lined parking spaces. We heard that one overly-intoxicated reveler vomited in Parking Space 28B. However, one group did benefit from this wet and wild sock hop- the AHANA Boat Cruise is now the biggest and best dance at the Heights.


  • Big Ups to Adam Reasoner for bringing the Keuka Derby to the Heights. More on this phenomenon soon.
  • Big Ups to the intramural hockey crusaders who are against everything Has Beens. This is a huge compliment to our program and we love what you're doing. It's great for the league.
  • Big Ups to the Women's Soccer team for beating No.5 ranked Virginia. Girls, we love what you're doing on the field and we love what you're doing in Hillside. Keep table-pooling. PS- Laura Harvey, a freshman keeper, was the Wethersfield High School Eagle mascot. When are Baldwin try-outs?

For George W. Bush Haters (which we are not) --> Go to and Type "failure" -- then click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

Coming Soon to gongshow@BC--> "crunchy" discussion, Has Beens 2005-2006 Season Preview, and more of the Hillside gossip that you all love and look forward to.

GONGSHOW@BC BUDDY ICON!!!!! THIS IS GREAT. Thanks to Josiahs Porter (Scituate, MA) for making this for us. He also made the sick picture that you see up top. Let us know if you want this as your buddy icon, freshman girls love it.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

So College.

Today we will be a day of barrier breaking on gongshow@bc. No, we are not going on the AHANA Boat Cruise, nor are we coming out for National Coming-Out Week, but rather we are attempting to put into words something that peeves us every day. We don't want to insult anybody. However, if we do insult somebody, we think we'll be able to turn the page. And you are hearing something that your friends should have told you by Day 3 of Freshman Orientation.
First, we would like to try to explain college- not the noun, the adjective. College is not a word to describe simply the excessive consumption of alcohol, partying, hooking up, etc (because we at gongshow@bc completely support, promote, and participate in these things) but more to describe the kid who tries so hard to be sure that everyone knows that he does drink, he does party, and he does wheel bodacious babes- when in real life, this is usually the last kid who is a soldier of the night- he is never a true gongshow. Let us describe the kid who is Joe College.
Headwear: Cowboy hat (sometimes made out of the cardboard from the thirty they just crushed), John Deere trucker hat (or many other cliche mesh hats), aviator shades (not always a bad thing, but most of the time), or a Von Dutch hat (no explanation necessary).
T-Shirt: BC BEIRUT, Upper Campus Drinking Team, BC SuperDrunk... you know what we mean. You drink? We didn't know until we saw your sweet shirt.
Accessories: Miller Lite sweat bands, the "Budweiser: Drink Responsibly" bracelet you got for being 21+ three nights ago at Roggies, your empty flask that you bring out with you for no reason, etc.
Room Raiders- So COLLLLEGE!: Collection of empty liquor bottles that you have brought back and forth each summer, your Periodic Table of Sex poster, the 365 Reasons to Drink poster, Mixology 101 poster, etc... your shot glass collection, strategically placed Busch Light empties, etc.
On the Web: Your AIM profile has the "I'm a Budweiser, what are you?" link, away messages that talk about how much you drank, how hungover you are, asking "does anyone know how i got home last night?", your Facebook picture has a keg/beer/etc in it, your Facebook interests are funneling, shotgunning, power hours, etc. You have 700 Facebook friends before even moving on to Newton Campus. You know what we mean and you know who you are.
Things You Love to Say: House cup, house rules, re-rack, keg's kicked, triple keggerator, balls back, it's cheaper at Hurley's, let's head to the MODS! (28B!), long line at Mary Ann's, pfffft, beer pong? it's BEIRUT!...etc.
Things You Do: crush beer cans on your forehead, kegstands, carry thirties on the shoulders (boombox style), you do "stitches" on your arm/collect tabs etc so everyone knows how many beers or wine coolers you've drank, boot & rally and publicize it, brag about your 30-cup beirut tourney, BC bus gymnastics, etc.

Disclaimer: We are not off the hook when it comes to getting a little colllllllege! at times. In fact, everyone needs a little college in them, or else they are terrible people. For example, at his freshman orientation, Pearcey went to a toga party in Vanderslice where he played water beirut with several other hard-partying froshies. To make this worse, he had already turned 21. That's college. Last year, we were the owners of a sick megaphone which we obnoxiously brought everywhere and made a scene. That's college. We have both done the parallel bars on the BC bus, on multiple occasions. That's college. We own several of the aforementioned t-shirts. That's college. At Has Beens bashes, we sometimes lose our shirts on the dancefloor. That's college. We are the proud owners of the best (and only) tandem bike on campus, which we use to cruise Upper for froshy vixens. That's borderline college. You get the point. Everyone should have some element of college in them, but it's the kids who are way too college that concern us. They are not gongshows, but they think they're living the dream.
"Right now, I live the dream. I live in the mods, we have a bar, and I own pink flippers. Is there anything else one could ask for?" -Jerry Dicolo, A&S '06, resident of Mod 29A. The Heights, 10/3/05 COLLEGE!!!!!
"Although they are not the most spacious, luxurious, and architecturally sound structures on Lower Campus, they are the prize of upperclassmen and the dream of underclassmen." -The Heights 10/3/05
The Mods are perhaps the most college thing on campus. For non-BC kids, the Mods are a bunch of small house things where seniors live, and are known to be the biggest gongshow place on campus. At times, they are a ton of fun. Everyone has had this discussion before: Kid #1 "I live in Kostka, where do you live" Terrible Senior Girl: "I live in the MODS." She says it in that brutal tone of voice, like you are supposed to run and grab her a cold one from the nearest fridge. They follow it up with the standard "you should stop by sometime, we always have tons of beer."

In case you are too drunk to read the poster in this picture, it says "Pregame Harder Than You Party." This is pure college. This is the Mod where a resident has been known to stand on his front stoop, beer in hand, in a bathrobe and cowboy hat, just being college on Saturday mornings as people set up their tailgates. Total sweetness.

That's it for our COLLLLEGE! rant. We had to do it. Thanks for tuning in to the gongshow@bc. Tell your buddies and your grandmother and your Hebrew school teacher to log on. Remember, friends don't let friends get too college.

Shout Outs: Big Ups to the BC Ski & Snowboard Club- these kids have their stuff together, are running a great organization, and are true gongshows. Tomorrow, Hillside will be abuzz with stories from tonight's ski club extravaganza. Big Ups to Applebee's for their 1/2 price appetizers (m-th, after 9) and their $2 Coors Light drafts (24/7). Big Ups to our non-BC readers, we love the support and are planning some real deal recognition for you, coming soon. Big Ups to Dingman for being NOT GUILTY. Big Ups to all those beautiful babies who are putting in overtime at the Plex- remember, Late Night is the DEVIL.

Everyone have a great weekend, and keep it COLLEGE!!!!!!

(expect to hear from us Sunday night for a weekend recap)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Revolutionizing Hillside

As you guys know, Hillside is our homebase. It is where we get our New England Classics, where we do our crossword puzzles, and where we do the majority of our people-watching. But no matter how much we love our Hillside, there is definetly some room for improvement. Read on.

Item #1) The Hillside Real Estate Crunch--> "Table-Pooling": Alright folks, we don't eat in the Rat for a reason. BC students flock to Hillside for the culture and atmosphere- the vanilla lattes, the panini's, and to enjoy the company of the purest yuppy crowd on campus. For all you econ majors, it is a simple supply/demand curve. The supply of tables is simply not adequate for the high demand by hungry Hillsiders. We have all experienced it- swiping your Eagle Card only to realize that the house is full and you don't know anyone with a table. But here's the frusturating part- 25% of the tables are being occupied by a single tenant, when there is room for atleast 4 or 5 kids (or 8 or 9, if you are on the girls soccer team or sailing team). We think we've come up with a good solution--> table-pooling. From now on, if you are a solo diner (or even worse, a Hillside studier), you will be introduced to another single tenant and so on and so on, until we have full tables of once-solo diners. This free's up several tables for the general population to enjoy. So tomorrow, if you are a single tenant, look around for the nearest solo diner, and introduce yourself. Be a part of the solution.

Item #2) The Backpack Rule- With the Hillside bottleneck effect, the lines are long enough already- we don't need Franky Five Classes (a Newtonian with his entire encyclopedia set in the backpack) wearing that monstrosity into the Red Zone (the area within the registers.) Franky is unknowingly taking up enough space for three people, which causes the lines to extend out to the Plex. Bookbags are to left outside the Red Zone. Don't be afraid to call kids on violations, this will be a team effort.

Shout Outs- *Medium Ups to Brian Boyle for a valiant effort in tonight's pie-eating contest. He lost to Mista Smiff who was just inhaling the pie in his mouf. *Big Ups to the folks at Applebee's for a great Grand Opening night- a true gonger, BC baseball stud J-Mac's 21st, and Paul Astuto's Cleveland Circle waiter debut. *Small Ups to the Mean Girls, who still do not sit with Joe or bring him a pen at Mass Comm. *Huge Ups to Yasmin Martinez for her generous sharing of typed history notes, the boys @ gongshow love you. *Good Luck to Dave D, our favorite off-road vehicle operator, as he battles the state of NH in court tomorrow in an effort to retain his driver's license. Live Free or Die, David.

Here's to Your Health Link of the Day: Contrary to common belief, gongshow@bc does not cater only to men. Here is a link for all of our beautiful female followers, who are going through an awkward time and experiencing many strange changes. (Noff wears one too!)

Through the Grapevine: Rumor has it that the Cleveland Circle's favorite crazy drunk homeless Indian was granted a substantial financial aid package and thus will be a walk-on lineman for the Eagles starting Monday. He has been working out in front of Store24 for six years now and is excited to join the squad. He says he chose Boston College because "it's exciting to play in the ACC and Ryan Ohliger has really sweet earrings."
In other breaking news, there is a new "serial flasher" at the Reservoir and he has been seen flashing female runners at night while sailing around on his boat. The police sketch artist has drawn this picture of him to help narrow the suspects. -->

Sunday, October 16, 2005

*Eating/Drinking Good in the Neighborhood*/Pie-Eating Contest/ Etc.

Lots of stuff going on at the Heights this week folks:

Applebee's @ Cleveland Circle- GRAND OPENING! This place has a MOD-load of potential. Some people are calling it the new Mary Ann's. Word on Beacon St. has it is opening up tomorrow, Monday 10/16. Lots of kids are planning on heading over there and staking a claim at the bar, which not only will serve delicious beverages but also some high-quality grub. Applebee's has potential to become the next big spot for BC underagers who have their cousin's library card for an ID. That would be sweet.

BIG DOG PIE-EATING CONTEST- We just got word of a pie-eating contest of beastly proportions at Tuesday's BC vs. Maryland volleyball match @ 8 oclock in the PowerGym. The behemoth competitors are all the biggest dogs from BC's top teams: Brian Boyle aka Meat, the sniping juggernaut dangler of BC Hockey, Craig Smith aka MISTA SMIFF aka GET 'EM CRAAAIG, the baddest baller of them all, Mathias Kiwanuka, BC's favorite Ugandan Warrior, and Kathrin Ress aka Italy, the towering terror of BC women's b-ball. This event promises to be entertaining, and a big crowd is expected as the v-ball team looks for their second ACC victory. See you on Tuesday night, 8 in the PowerGym (Conte Forum). If you don't come for the actual volleyball, or the pie-eating contest, come for those incredible shorts that the girls wear on the court. Good luck to BC Whalleyball and to the Pie-Eaters. Our money is on the Boyler because he has a very large mouf.

Newest Facebook News--> Pictures: Facebook, our favorite social networking tool, has added a sweet new element. You can post your pictures, similar to Webshots. And you can write who is in your pictures, and then their profile shows those pictures too. Check it out and get your pictures up there so people can stalk you even more.

Here's to Your Health link of the day: We want all our readers to take care of themselves, physically and mentally/emotionally. So when our friends ask us questions about personal health, we will share the answers with all of the blog readers so that everyone can benefit. The first gongshow@ BC "Here's To Your Health link of the day" goes out to freshman puck stud Tim Kunes. Click here to see the question/answer:

BIG UPS from the boys at gongshow@ BC going out to the women's hockey team who are off to a sweet city 2-0 start. There was some serious snipage going on this weekend in Conte Forum, and these girls are looking to keep the streak alive next weekend vs. BU.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Senior Pictures

**Girls and Boys- Thanks for being such a good crowd for the first few days of the gongshow@bc blog. We love the feedback we are getting. Add us to your Favorites, and spread the link to your friends. Be sure to click on the colored words, as the links are usually more entertaining than then stuff we write. Have a good one. -Pearcey and Greels**

Senior Pictures are a rite of passage for the American high schooler. Some kids spend ridiculous amounts of money trying to find that perfect pose, that perfect laser background, and just the right touch of the airbrush. Here are some of the most popular types of senior portraits. Let this posting serve as a guide of what not to do in a school picture.
The Jock/ Meathead: We all know this guy. Lose the varsity jacket and the balls, because this is among the worst pictures in the league. This is the kid that goes on to wear his "BC Football #173" sweatsuit every day so that we know he is on the squad. Sweet. It could be worse, though, if you search Google Images you can find pictures with the football helmet on. Actually, I just found one that is the WORST. Here's another bad one. One more.

Hands on Knees / Brutal Hat: Whoever told this girl that this looked good is going to hell. 99% of the time a hat is a bad decision for any girl, but this one is just 1-800-TERRIBLE. The Beret is just a bad look, and the hands on the knee, as you see here, is a fundamentally flawed pose. We feel bad for this girl, because she looks like a nice kid, good student, etc.... but this picture is just criminal. Beautiful smile, though.

The Car: This one doesn't even need explanation. Just fast forward twenty years-- Kid: "Dad, why is your yearbook picture you sitting in a Chrysler Sebring??" Dad: "I don't know son, it was cool back then..."- The truth is, it wasn't cool back then. The car picture is never cool and will never be cool. This is something this kid will regret for the rest of his life. It's right up there with my Uncle Billy's Tweety Bird tattoo on his right bicep and Nick Lachey's cheating on Jessica Simpson. Just regrettable.

These are just a few examples of the senior picture disasters which have come to my attention. School Pictures should be simple and normal. Nothing too flashy. We were always "traditional background" type guys. The kids who had laser backgrounds were the same kids who got their ears pierced, never did their homework, and had "cool parents." Those kids did not go on to college, and now they are the ones selling cell phones at those Verizon kiosks in the mall.
Things to avoid: "theme pictures", for example- the hunting motif, the drummer, the videogamer, or the cowboy. Instead, head to the beach and take your standard beach picture. Also, you can always go with the reliable/popular tree lean.

In closing, be sure to advise your younger siblings/friends on how to handle their senior pictures. A bad senior picture can haunt you for the rest of your life. This final picture, for example, should haunt this kid and his family for generations. He is terrible. I think I have seen him at the Plex before, grunting and sweating through his sleeveless shirt on the bench for hours at a time. But hey, anything to get ready for rugby season, right?

The boys at gongshow@bc would like to congratulate the BC football team for their huge W today against Wake Forest. Great performance in the rain, and one of a number of awesome college football games today. The BC Puck Squad is looking to bounce back from a loss at Michigan (which was reportedly an awesome game in front of an insane Michigan crowd) with a battle tonight at Bowling Green. Godspeed to the boys.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Thursday Night Lights // Weekend Preview

So last night, several of us made the trek down to the Theater District to go see Atmosphere at the Roxy. There were a lot of BC hip hop heads in attendance, and it was a good show for those who didn't end up losing track of time in the dingy basement bar next door and missing the whole thing. But a couple of pitchers and pizzas later, everyone was geared up for the Mean Girls party on Ayr Road, which proved to be the Main Event. The dance floor was packed with sophomore vixens and an equal amount of male predators hovering about.
There are a few people who I would like to thank. First, whoever spills their beer on the dance floor. At first, you think it may be a "party foul," but you are actually coming to the rescue of dozens of white boys like myself who are attempting to dance. The slickness of the hardwood floor makes it possible to slide around and make it look like you are real smooth. I fooled many a party-goer last night because of this. I'd also like to recognize the people who shut off the lights. A dancefloor is always so much better if it is dark. Not pitch black, but pretty dark. It gives everyone a little more confidence, because nobody can really see what is going on; it also allows for an increased element of sloppiness. Has Beens Parties are famous for having the sloppiest/best dancefloor on the East Coast, and the lights are always off. It's along the same lines as how a lot of people like to turn off the lights in the bedroom- lowers inhibitions. So, at the next party, if you see me pouring beers out on the dancefloor and turning off the lights- don't say anything. Help me help you.

This Weekend: Friday Night- looks like it's going to be pretty standard, bouncing around house parties and keeping it local... I'm hearing rumors of a freshman exodus to the Kong (Harvard Square) which promises to be a gongshow.
Saturday- BC vs. Wake Forest @ 12 I believe. It will be raining, so the plan of attack might be to watch it on tv somewhere, then hit up Shea Field immediately following the game. Anybody who was out there last weekend in the rain knows that a muddy Shea Field is very fun. Also, the rain has a weird effect on people and the tailgating scene seems to get very rowdy/belligerent when everyone is wet. Saturday night will be a gonger for sure.

Final Comment: Everyone's favorite DC boy, Luke Russert, has started his own blog and it promises to be very entertaining. Add it to your favorites (right next to gongshow@bc, of course) and check it daily.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Picture of the Day / Wedding Crashers

With the hockey season upon us, I thought I'd share this picture with you guys. In the yellow, Brian Boyle, in the white, Steve Gionta and Pat Gannon. (picture credit: the great Chris Gannon)

Also, if you haven't already seen it.... Pearcey and I star in our own version of the Wedding Crashers movie trailer. Click here to watch it. We think it is funny.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hillside Banter

So we were sitting in Hillside, and in walks the Noff. So we left.

Just kidding, Noff. You're great.

We were a little disappointed with the people-watching scene in Hillside today. Rainy, cold days bring out the North Faces and sweatpants. Winterization has set in, and you can see it in the eyes of every female on campus. The days of nice summer dresses are over, no more Lily Pulitzer, a lot more jeans and hoodies. We would like to remind the girls that winter does not officially start until December 21st. Everyone was talking about how much of a gongshow their weekend was, and it was good to be back in there and see all the usual suspects.

On a side note, we love the Mean Girls of BC. You know who you are. They are actually very nice, and we are glad the name we gave them is sticking. Keep up the good work girls, and remember to bring a pen for Pearcey @ Survey to Mass Comm.

A highly anticipated issue of The Heights comes out tomorrow, the only issue this week. With photographs by Noff, who doesn't love the campus newspaper?

BIG UPS to the Boston College Sailing Team, currently ranked #1 in the nation. Not only do they dominate on the water, but they dominate the Cleveland Circle social scene as well. Spicer, you are a great leader and a true gongshow.

The Most COLLLLLLEGE!!!!!! Facebook Entry of the Week: This award will go out weekly to an individual or group who exemplifies the Animal House COLLLLLLEGE!!! spirit. Any excessive mention of alchohol, drinking games, the mods, mary anns, bc rugby, kegs, etc. will probably get you nominated for this award. Keep up the good work.
***I Drink, I Party, and Damnit, I'm awesome! (BC Chapter)***

Final Thought of the Evening: Since the Has Beens intramural hockey season has not started yet, we would like to give a good luck shout out to our Boston College Eagles, who will be on the road at Michigan and Bowling Green this weekeend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Skeet Skeet Skeet......

Here we are up at the D Retreat Center in NH. It was a true gongshow, and we can't wait to get back there. This is during skeet shooting, when our instructor guy, a real intense Vietnam Vet, told us- "Don't blow your face off with this here 12 gauge, because I don't give CPR to people without faces, and there ain't no 911 up here."

Also, here is a good link to brighten your day. Morning News Special Gone Wrong

First Blog Entry from Mike and Joe

Ok, so Pearcey and I spend a good amount of our waking hours sitting around, shooting the breeze, people watching, and just talking about life. There are many times when we wish we could share our conversations, our theories, and our observations with all of our friends who don't have the time to sit with us for hours on end in Hillside, the Quad, or Lower. Hopefully this blog can become something that our friends can check daily for some snippet from us, whether it be a comment on life at BC, a link to a good website, or an entertaining picture. We are planning on updating it every day, so we hope we can get a good following going. We would love to see our blog, "gongshow@BC", get in the rotation with facebook, email, and whatever else you guys may check every day.

If you want to see anything, or don't like something you see... let us know. We aim to please, but we aren't going to change our original plans of making a blog that is entertaining to us, primarily, and then our friends. Enjoy. -Mike Greeley & Joe Pearce