Saturday, December 31, 2005

Pearcey Back in Action

With the Gongshow@BC on a holiday break, we'd like to keep you up to date on all things Gongshow:

Pearcey is out in Denver playing for the Eagles in the Wells Fargo Denver Cup. Last night, in his first college hockey game since freshman year (I am not counting his games at the helm of the Has Beens), Pearcey was a force in net as he lead the Eagles to a barnburning shoot-out victory, thus advancing them to the finals of the Denver Cup, tonight vs. Princeton at 9 EST. The taller half of Gongshow@BC has fared well in past holiday tournaments, as he was named MVP of the Great Lakes Invitational in Michigan during his freshman year. Despite the late start to the game, we can rest assured that the boys will fight valiantly.
Good Luck to Pearcey, a "holiday tournament specialist," and the rest of the squad.

Happy Holidays to all Gongshow@BC readers. We will be back on our regular posting schedule shortly. Coming soon to the Gongshow: Bizarro World Pearcey, What Santa Brought Us, Gongshow@BC Going Global via Print Media, and an upcoming Gongshow@BC Mega-Bash.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Final Countdown

Final Exams: Killing the gongshow spirit at BC since 1863.

So it's finals week here at the Heights, and we are not happy about it. It's freezing out, the BC ballers dropped their ACC debut against Maryland, and the Rat is officially closed for the holidays. You know it's a depressing time of the year when using the automatic stapling machine in O'Neill Library is the highlight of your day. If you haven't done that yet, make your way up(or down) to Middle Campus and give it a whirl. It's addicting. The power stapler, located on the counter in the Copy Center, is an industrial-strength marvel of modern library technology. With a laser-powered paper detection system, the beast staples your case study together before you can say "WAHANA." It's not a quiet machine, either. Like all other manly power tools, it gets the job done with an authoritative BAM! Freshman girls have been known to drop their Nalgene bottles at the sudden sound, while the well-seasoned, geriatric cuties working the Circulation Desk barely adjust their bifocals. If the Super Stapler was street legal, (that is, available for home use,) it would be the king of all things that can "chop your finger right off!!"- ranking somewhere between the grass-clogged lawnmower and the fork-jammed kitchen sink garbage disposal. Just as every respectable man's man aspires to one day own a chainsaw, every legit librarian wants her own Super Stapler.
There's also other things to do during finals week at BC to relax for a while: you can go Hillside and watch espresso-chugging, Adderall-fueled students study for their exams and wonder why you aren't doing the same; go to MaryAnn's and watch non-Massachusetts residents get rejected at the door; listen to white BC students spit dope rhymes in the tradition of Miami's 7th Floor Crew (though not as lewd), work on your field goal kicking because Troost is graduating this year, go back and read some of the original Gongshow@BC entries, check up on God's team- the "Has Beens," buy tickets to the MPC Computers Bowl (which will feature BC v. Boise State and will be played in Ryne Reynoso's backyard manure garden), get an inside look at BC's secret underground tunnel between Gasson and Devlin, see (via WebCam) how crowded it is in Lower Dining Hall, or read up on the latest Jesuits v. GLBT battle in the BC Blog- who ever said that St. Ignatius wouldn't enjoy a dance titled "The GLC Diversity Ball: A Night in Gay Paris?" Maybe it's just a really liberal interpretation of "setting the world aflame." However the cookie crumbles, a small (but vocal) demographic at BC just lost their fabulous little gongshow to the swashbuckling Jesuits.

Hillside Napkin Notes: We all know about the terrible things that come with winter, atrocities such as the sub-zero temperatures and the biting New England wind chill factor. We at Gongshow@BC would like to remind our reading public, specifically BC coeds, that the cold weather is no excuse to wear a full sweatsuit to class every day. We already know what you're going to say- it's exam time, everyone's stressed out, you have no time for laundry... well we don't have much time for girls (or BC Football's #134) who wear the Rocky Balboa Tuxedo to Hillside four days in a row. Unless, of course, you are just passing through on your way to run the Million Dollar Stairs.
Speaking of Hillside etiquette, there's another winter issue which really gets our Fruit of the Looms in a bunch. The double doors facing Conte Forum have a very slow recoil- resulting in prolonged mega-drafts of frigid air which sweep through the cafe and ruin that Hillside ambience which we all know and love. From now on, please enter through the main doors or you will feel the wrath of super-nice clean-up guy aka "How are you doing today?-I'm Great, Thanks!!!" guy. Speaking of the Dining Services MVP, he will be featured and interviewed in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned.

BIG UPS: Big Ups to the SUNY Brockport men's roller hockey team, not only are you blading beauties ranked eighth in the nation, but you are huge fans of the GONGSHOW-- if only pro beach hockey still existed. Big Ups to the BC Grounds Maintenance crew. These guys work hard to keep BC looking shipshape and they're always smiling while doing so. During last week's blizzard, they were outside shoveling the pathways and stairs in the bitter cold- just so that no froshy vixens would lose traction on their Uggs and take a tumble between Kostka and McElroy. Next time you see them, be sure to thank these true heroes of the Heights.

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." -Mark Twain

Good Luck on Finals. Jesus loves you. And so does the Gongshow@BC. Godspeed, Mike Greeley & Joe Pearce.

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