Sunday, May 07, 2006


Lance Armstrong came back. Mario Lemieux came back. The Red Sox came back. And now, because of constant pestering from adoring fans, we are all going to be able to tell our grandchildren about the day that the Gongshow@BC came back.
We have lots to catch up on. Of course, the Has Beens went on to win the intramural championship for the second straight season. That makes the Has Beens 2 for 2. The squad thanks you for your support.

In other hockey news, the fledgling B.C. Club Hockey program enjoyed its first season of inter-collegiate play. Battling opponents like B.U. and Northeastern, the Eagles are still undefeated in club hockey play and are looking forward to a full schedule next year against top-notch club programs.
And now for the biggest hockey story of the year at the Heights (and no, we aren't talking about the bench-clearing brawl which took place at the Has Beens v. District 5 gongshow of a game, which the HB's won en route to their 2nd IM mug)-- the Boston College Eagles forged their way through the NCAA Regionals and into Frozen Four play. This is the sort of stuff which really gets Gongshow@BC fans going. The boys fought valiantly and made it to the National Championship game v. Wisconsin. Congrats to the boys and coaching staff for being BC's Team of the Year.

Gongshow@BC Bits:
There's tons of things we would like to mention here, but we'll discuss what immediately comes to mind...

The Great Soy Sauce Heist, Foiled!!- On Friday night,an unidentified white male was seen being escorted out of Lower Dining Hall (in handcuffs) around 2:30 AM. Prior to his capture, lots of commotion was seen inside the dimly-lit dining hall as cooks and dining staff pointed BCPD to the suspect. He was apprehended and loaded gently into a squad car. The evidence (which was carried by a BCPD officer and loaded into another squad car)--- two large plastic containers, one of Soy Sauce and the other of an unidentified light-colored condiment. Updates to follow.

Everyone has seen these two-piece monstrosities. MODS sweatsuits, complete with embroidered Mod numbers. And nobody thought you could get more "college" than the BC Beirut Team t-shirts.
Speaking of the Mods, we're sure everyone has read about BC'S Campus Master Plan. Within ten years, the Mods will be no longer. For BC alumni, returning to a Mod-less lower campus will be like hurricane victims returning to their old neighborhoods to find nothing but stray dogs and scrap wood. Like Fenway Park, the Mods are historic. Whatever building is constructed on the Mod land will be forever haunted by drunk ghosts in black Mods sweatsuits.

Applebees Wednesday Night Karaoke- We know the school year is pretty much over, but we had to mention this. The past few Wednesday nights have been crazy at The 'Bees. This revival can be attributed 100% to the arrival of karaoke. This writer felt like Ferris Bueller while doing a T-stopping rendition of "Twist and Shout" with the crowd getting into it while sipping daintily on $2 liquid colleges.

Condoleeza Rice- Commencement Speaker
This controversial decision has been the topic of campus-wide debate for a week now. The administration has reportedly issued a proposal to replace Condi with the more politically neutral, and more unpredictable, Chief Morningstar. The Chief had no comment on the matter, but then again, he was unconcious in the ATM booth.

Marathon Monday-
What a gongshow! Perhaps the biggest day of the year on campus, and the Gongshow@BC didn't recap it. But honestly, Marathon Monday cannot be put into words, so we won't try. We'll just say shame on those of you who didn't make it back for the festivities, you will regret that for the rest of your life.

Final Exams- Good luck to all of our readers with their finals. You can find us in Bapst or in the private study rooms at O'Neill.

We didn't try to be funny here, we just had to get back in the game. Despite our inactivity since pre-Spring Break, the Gongshow@BC has still been getting hundreds of hits every day, so we thought we should throw something up here to quiet down the complaints for a while. God Bless. Mike & Joe


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its back

u guys better go strong this summer

8:05 PM  
Anonymous kenny said...

seeing the gongshow updated got me almost as excited as earlier tonight when a 2010 who i facebooked wrote on my wall asking me what orientation group i was in (she was disappointed to learn i was a jr, but her and her 2010 fellow vixens were ecstatic to hear about the club hockey mod next year). good stuff boys, lets keep the updates coming. xoxo, kenny

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for coming back, now i dont have to study for finals!!!

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest that we need to find the chief a lady friend...asap

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope u guys are doing summer gongshows

1:40 AM  

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