Monday, July 31, 2006

GONGSHOW@BC- Livin' The Dream

We've always enjoyed hosting parties. For the past two years, parties celebrating the glory of Has Beens Hockey have attracted long lines of BC coeds down Ignacio hallways. Only the elite have been admitted. But on September 7th, the first Thursday night on the academic calendar, the boys from Gongshow@BC have planned a much larger event. We have rented out Who's On First, the club next to Fenway Park most famous for its unmatched dancefloor scene. With a capacity of 600, among the larger of the Boston clubs, we felt that it would be a good location for the most memorable back to school ridiculous-fest evaaaaa.
This event will definetly sell out. For that reason, we will be releasing tickets in limited spurts immediately when kids start moving back. Details on where and how to get tickets will be posted on this website (, which is also home to the acclaimed Gongshow@BC blog for all of you froshy vixens and eager young bucks. It will be 18+ to party, 21+ to drink. This is the first party of its kind since we have been at BC and we think it will be a highlight of the fall. This will be a can't miss party. We can already see the droves of new freshmen getting rowdy on the green line en route to Who's.
There will be a Facebook group and a Facebook event soon. In the meantime, spread the word, stay-tuned to, and get ready to get silly.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The boys from Gongshow@BC are planning a 18+ bash for the first week of school. We have rented out a large club and details will be released soon. This will be like a Has Beens Party times 1000. Start telling your friends. This will be the unofficial main event of Freshman Welcome Week.

It's been a great summer for the authors. We defined "gongshow" for the quaint island of Nantucket over the 4th of July and right now Pearcey is at the TB Lightning rookie camp just being his regular old brick wall self. We hope everyone is enjoying their time off but gearing up for another great year at the Heights. See you soon. Stay tuned for details of the Back to School Gongshow.